A 100 days to a new me : Day 61, lessons in love


I hardly slept and it’s time to wake up again, I have to catch a bus to Patiala, my home town. The second time in two weeks. You see, my grandfather’s younger brother had no kids and there is a prayer for his death anniversary in my native village. So mom and I are going there so that his part of the family is represented. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to do this, to make our grandaunt happy. She is a regal woman, if there was one…graceful, still pretty, extremely well spoken and living a graceful dignified life, all by herself at 88.

So mom and I decided to take the bus…it was an air-conditioned bus and had a working air conditioner. That’s where the  eclecticism of that bus ended, the conductor was obnoxious, the driver not too nice either and the dhaba (road side eatery) had the most sullen staff ever…incidently they sold nothing packaged, NOT even chips…I have yet to see a dhaba like that, that too on GT road.

It is here I learnt my lesson of the day, while I was cribbing and cursing and everybody else was relaxed, used to the ‘ways of the roadways’, a girl went with a request to the driver. A simple looking girl, must be a student and she just said to him something about her ticket…there was something about her tone. It was innocent, without any irritation; infact loving and respectful…All I heard her say was something to the effect of  “Veer ji” (respected brother)…and a request, yes a request that sounded like one about something that was rightfully hers. She could have been rude, she chose not to be. I missed the old me, I plan to get her back and real soon…the one who was innocent…

Patiala was about meeting both my dad’s sisters. I spent a whole year at my elder aunt’s place, there were memories and remorse at how things had changed with her not having been so well, there was a time when she was all but gone. Hardly any memory or control over mind or body. It was a tough phase   but  luckily the phase is a was…she was better and things were looking up. It felt good to have someone you love back, it was good to be having lunch at that dining table where once the entire family had gathered after months…

Things were not so happy at my younger aunt’s place, she had all but given up on life and was alive not by her will but by her daughter’s. My cousin is one of the most amazing people I know…perseverent, hard working, an outstanding professional with publications in top journals to her credit, a one in a million daughter, an avid gardener with results to show…she has the most artistic house, is an excellent cook, manages finances…and ALL she has is her mom…If there is a fighter, it is she. Every time I look at her I value my family so much more and come what may, I shall always be there for her…ALWAYS…

The evening ended with a visit to one of the most loving and holiest souls I have ever met…I come back blessed and loved.

One day and so many lessons is love, I am truly humbled, feels like a soul wash!



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