A 100 days to a new me : Day 58, a fresh quest for love…a last shot and more

Let’s start with the more first, I am now proactively looking for that house in the hills. I am divided between around Shimla, for the simple reason that it’s the most accessible of my choices from Delhi and Shimla has some activity or the other happening and I assume a fair amount of immensely well educated people given it’s education institutes…why I am tentative is it’s over crowded, may get all concrete after a while, however far from the city I am and acute water shortage.

Manali is beautiful, pristine, water is abundant, the Beas flows through it…it is the entry to Ladakh…attracts a lot of expats and am sure it has its shares of artists along with the hippies. It can however have qualities of degenration, given the whole drug scene in settlements around. I have a feeling it can be as harsh as welcoming …I guess I need to feel it for a few days, in a dead, non-tourist month.However as I said that it does have it’s very interesting people, a very prolific international community, mostly artists, travel and tourism professionals and Chefs…yeah you got me! The negative is the distance from Delhi, it is a 14 hour long back-breaking journey especially as they have now done away with the option of flying down…even when there was that option available, the flight was oft canceled given the weather.

My third option is a small little town called Dalhousie, it is bordering a cedar forest :), has a University, a couple of schools, isn’t too crowded but again I am not too sure about how many like minded people I would/could get there. I have even shortlisted a house there but I have to find the negatives.It falls in one of the very scenic belts of Himachal Pradesh, and is not too far from Mcleodganj, the seat of Dalai Lama but it’s a much more modest, quiter town.My mom calls it dull n lousy. Well then mom n I are alike and dissimilar in strange ways…again it’s even more difficult an approach than Manali or maybe equally so…

Hence am divided…

The other thing that happened was that I went and re-registered myself on a matrimonial site. One day and I tell you I have met my share of people…one who offered to meet me in the middle of the night…without knowing me from evening, another who was a dream catch and as massive an ego…n there were some really sweet people. However right now I can’t feel a thing, maybe I am protecting myself from hurt…am sure tomorrow is another day, and I know this time I shall find it…


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