A 100 days to a new me : Day 56, Baisakhi

The morning started with paying for yesterday’s sins, two days of a semi-solid diet, squeeze some more drops from that ocean or at least not add to them. So it’s warm lime water in the mornings, followed by a glass of chach(buttermilk); and then something equally inane. Oh the thought of scrambled eggs and The thought of the kilos melting, however, makes up for everything.

 It is Baisakhi, a day of new beginnings and also of immense religious importance to the Sikhs. I hope it is a new day for me but the way my head is spinning, does not seem like it. Nonetheless, I am determined that someone positive come out of it.

I am doing this project for a friend, promoting him but am a little confused. He is insisting I take a fee but it would be unfair on him as already a lot of money needs to be pushed into the promotion and I am not a professional, not yet, I mean I am and I know exactly what needs to be done, but I have never independently managed an author before. Man this is not easy, tough call that all of us are in. It requires intensive work and is going to take up a lot of my key resource, time and energy – physical and creative. Tough! Tough! Tough! Anyway let me do my homework first, at least before I c omit to anything and trust me it is an uphill task. My other challenge is that my working style and that of my  could-be partner’s is totally different. While my partner is a breezy, happy go lucky style. He is good at what he does but the working style reminds me of my last business partner and ironically he shares the same last name as my last partner, is kind of ominous. I cannot, CANNOT work till everything is listed down, in black and white. My plans need to be firmly on paper, my budgets need to be set, accounting needs to be perfect. I cannot work on a Jello plan…yes that is my new buzz word. So with everything ongoing, I enter yet another mini part of the world and one I am not sure I am getting voluntarily into. Going from rebranding me to branding people…

The best thing about the day was the visit to the Gurdwara Sahib, I could not, not have done it. Baisakhi is the day when 315 years ago, Guru Gobind Singh had laid the foundation of the Khalsa Panth, the Order of the Pure Ones. It is a difficult path to follow but one that is a sure way to complete Nirvana and when I say that, I mean following it with the mind, body and soul. The key tenets are adorning the 5 Ks, kesh(unshorn hair),kada (iron bangle), kangha(comb), kirpan(dagger) and kachhehra (long drawers). Then there is the extreme focus on cleanliness not only physical, and daily prayers or nitnem. While the order is strict and at that time, was seen as discipline important to a warrior; the 5 adornments have immense symbolic and spiritual implications. They protect you from enemies outside and within.I someday hope to be there, it shall be a day when my rebranding is complete and I do not have it in me right now but I need to pray to find that strength within. It’s actually like a winning lottery ticket but the price is a challenge. If there is the ultimate rebranding for a Sikh, this is it. Babaji says your karmic slate is wiped clean; a perfect second chance…Oh! if only I can find it in to follow it..if I can find it in me to live that pure a life…if..

I do see new beginnings coming my way, when the intent is there, solutions follow..Yes they do! And I am looking forward to that. 


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