A 100 days to a new me : Day 54, coming back to life…all new :)

The highlight of the day has to be that I finally sent that article, one more to go and I shall kind of feel liberated.Commissioned work is your bread and butter literally…now that literal part of it is one looooong story, I shall maybe find it in me to go into at sometime…so as I was saying, just one more article to go and I shall be free.Post Punjab, it was after long that I saw the outside world…the library summoned me…you cannot imagine the fine that I have incurred..as I grazed through the books, waiting for the day, when on one of the book-jackets would be my picture, I was oblivious to everything but a need to internalise all that was there…to make it my own.

I also wanted to enrol for the creative writing course that the British Council holds, but seems no one knows what the course content is, and I do not want to be enrolled for something that is elementary. What I do want to enrol for is a BA in Literature, yes I miss it.I have a Masters in the same but that was years ago; I want to be taught by people who know what they are talking about…I want to demystify the language yet again. Oh the only negative thing that did happen was that I nearly fainted…guess am not as recovered as I should be, so maybe I shall have to push back the going back to walks a bit.

Other than that I feel alive and purgated. I feel renewed, made new as if the negatives have been pulled out of me in every sense.Physically, mentally, spiritually…what ever negative I had has been spewed out. So I am back with life…smiling, rejoicing , rebranding…so long…till a brighter sun shines ‘morrow 🙂


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