A 100 days to a new me : Day (fill in later), failing and picking up pieces

All my plans have gone for a six, this is the third? relapse of my viral or is it more? I planned t take 5 day break and it seems to have extended to 25 days; simply because I can’t stop coughing. Today I could hardly walk or talk for that matter and so many things hit home. Things about saying your prayers when young, else you won’t be able to…Babaji says so and he should know.

Let’s face it, I have no kids who shall look after me when I am old, even if I did; there was no guarantee they would. A long time back I had dreamed of making a home for everyone I cared for, in Dad’s generation, his brothers n sisters, his friends, where everybody stayed together, ate together, lived together…this was 25 years back; when I was young…luckily all of them are taken care of, they have wonderful families. Also, the culture of Old age homes is coming to India, I had scripted a film for one such place…it seemed clinical in a way, too sterile.

So the ong and short of it is, I need to stay healthy and I am doing everything that isn’t healthy! I tend to steer towards one thing at a time…and during the earlier days of my rebranding days, I managed do change just that. Now it seems, that work has overtaken life and it’s a bad bad thing to happen.Mom says, and I agree my biggest flaw is, I don’t follow through, it’s my biggest weakness; I give up things…everything midway…It is my biggest rebranding challenge and I can’t seem to get round it but I shall…I am going to start at Day 1 again…

This has to be my shortest post ever, as I have a terrible headache, thanks to my fever and am leaving for Punjab tomorrow. A place from where I come renewed. So it shall be back to Day 1, on Monday, I have failed…so I start again…that’s what life is about right? Picking up pieces…:)


2 thoughts on “A 100 days to a new me : Day (fill in later), failing and picking up pieces

  1. Gupreet, don’t you dare say you have failed! Your rebranding journey of 42 days wasn’t for nothing! Maybe you’re not exactly where you’d predicted you might be on your 43rd, but there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s life. Please take care of yourself and stop being so hard on yourself. Documenting your journey and putting your truth out for the world to see is more than most of us have the courage to do. You’re a beautiful soul. Please give your body the time and attention it needs to heal. We’ll all be here waiting. 🙂


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