A 100 days to a new me :Day 41, reading, editing and lamenting the near-death of the English language


Someone who is a professional editor, started following my blog.He is extremely, talented and multi-faceted and is not hard on the eyes either. Unlike other follows, it made me cringe…No Timothy Pike, it’s not you; it’s me.

I cringed at the fact that he must be finding a zillion typos, mistakes, errors in my posts. He must be looking at his ideal customer, I hope to change that in the near future.

There is no excuse for tardiness but I have exactly three :

  1. I am not keeping well…seems the viral never went away completely and my head is forever spinning.
  2.  I am always posting my post in a hurry, these days…it’s almost the last thing I do before I sleep.
  3. The third is I hear so much awkwardly put English, that at times I forget mine. There is this friend whose book I am editing; his grammar does not have issues, he just has a style completely different from mine.I am at a loss as to how to reword what is seemingly right but not quite so. He,at a couple of places,wrote the homophone instead of the word he meant to; two out of a 100,000 words, I do not blame him. I did it the other day in one of my posts…wrote “up my sleeve”, when I actually meant, “up my street”. These things happen and I need to be a more aware writer, after all I plan to do this for a living; rather living it up…all proceeds from my writing go into travel.

Another thing I keep getting asked, is you seem fine…why are you not married? Good question, I say the only answer I know, “I don’t know.” However, a teeny bit has to do with the language skills of the ‘candidates’. Initially if someone said, “I did not went there”, he was off my dating list for ever! It was a cardinal sin. However as I have softened over the years, people seem to have gone worse…just as a case in point, I have copy pasted excerpts from some actual bios on a matrimonial site. These are verbatim…



am here to search for my sole mate in this virtual space.
Sole mate..Solemate is an interesting term.!! AATAMA KA SAATHI:-) (He means soul mate)
I am (NAME) a very simple, spiritual, calm, caring and joyous boy.
I am a bookwarm, love to read literature,

films and music also boost energy in me,

and enjoy almost all forms of physical exercises. I am full of life…



most of our closed relatives lives in U. S. A, Canada, UK, Denmark,,,,,,



am good looking, homely person, i love music, sports, reading books, love to sit on the computer, i love to whrom around, i am pice loving person, i am very cool person.
…shold be from a reputed family.



i want long turm honest relation and live like a friends…


EXCERPT 5: an attempt at being poetic…

Hello glorious soul,hear i am (NAME)’s soul.LIFE HAS LOTS OF MEANING ,ONE IS STAND UP AFTER FALL DOWN. He is lovable,reliable,enthusiastic, honest,optimistic for ever,His nature is helping,fun loving,&cheerful.He has been doing significant project as interior designing,civil engineering,architectural since last 20 years, DESIGNING & CREATION are his passion.He likes challenges & constructive,progressive, jovial atmosphere.He believes in FAMILY VALUES,yoga,meditation, Ayurveda, shiv yog o choranbey do pitchyashi o tinso tatish BHAGWAT GITA & BAPS.His temperament & energetic level are as of age 27. He respects all glorious soul &comfort space for them.He accept them & gives unconditionally love. . may god bless you & wishes fulfill.. see you…… if you wish”.



i’m relegious person and outgoing nature. I’m very hard working.
and like a games football, boxing. Enjoy my like with my frnds. I am simple and Looking for a Life partner.
Rest Details Later.
my family is belong with agriculter and joint family.



These are wonderful people, and deserve every chance at happiness, and I sincerely wish that they would find a partner soon. I also wish that they leave the English language alone.

I need to read more, I have just started reading the City of Djinns by William Dalrymple and his clean crisp language, is like a breath of fresh air.So signing off as I curl up with that promised book; in impeccable English.


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