A 100 days to a new me: Day 31, friends, invitations and wishlist..

A song for all four of my friends listed here, all my friends not listed here, everybody I can call in the middle of the night, everybody who is there to hear me vent, even if it’s on FB, everybody who says, it’s okay you failed but you’re still my friend, everybody who tells me exactly who stupid I have been and everybody who does not tell me anything but is there… I’ll be there, and I shall be…

I am still down with Viral but took the time to catch up with friends. So I talked to four friends and got four very sweet invites .One was from MM…Oh! wait a minute…there are two MMs in my life :).Before you jump to any confusions;), …yes I know it’s conclusions but conclusion happens only when there is no confusion. There is our MM, guess he is become as much this blog’s and there is this other friend of my mine, with whom I spoke after 6? months. The good thing is, while MM…ours, offered to take me Karokeing (croaking for some again…I am becoming obsessed with the word), if I visited NY, the other offered a week of meeting up, maybe in his base town or any other place I felt like in Europe…you know just hang out, drink, chill…just live like happy teenagers on a vacation..the third invite was a pick between Dubai,Singapore and Malaysia, three locations yet another friend of mine is working out of and hold it there was a fourth from my long lost school friend in New Zealand.

One day,four friends,four continents…guess I am more blessed than I care to admit. It’s interesting how my relationship varies with all four, completely different people. with our MM, well you know it as well as I, it’s all chronicled in here,(MM remember to thank me in your next mail, I have immortalised you ;)) I am so happy and comfortable there…his energy puts me at peace, I mean I know him as long as you know me…but I can go say anything to him…he is amazingly supportive, I can’t lay my finger on it, but he is just someone who puts me strangely at peace…and makes me smile a happy, fond smile.Hanging out with him would mean, loads of diverse, fun experiences which could range from walks by the Hudson, I do not know if there are walks by the Hudson nonetheless,  to maybe a night club. It would be soft, serene, happy.

My friend from Europe MM, is somebody I am a little in awe of…art, literature, cinema, politics, oh he knows everything about  everything.He is very generous, open, happy, honest, well travelled, focussed and very matter of fact about it all, which is his most endearing quality.He and I don’t connect so much at a soul level, don’t think he believes in the word..but at other levels which are eclectic. He is someone’s whose opinion I value, because I know its worth a lot . He is also very supportive and  encouraging. Also because he is so rational about so many things, it’s heartening to see emotion coming from him.Hanging  orut with him would mean museums, historical sites, rock concerts, movie festivals and night clubs.It would definitely be a high energy, crackling experience in more ways than one.

Then there is this friend from D_S_M, he is yet again a very different guy.I have yet to see anyone travel this much for work or for that matter work so much.If he gets some time, at best it would be easy time with friends, good whiskey and food.He is something like the salt of the earth.He is my sounding board, and he has a very emotion-less practical view to everything. It used to annoy me so much initially and I thought the worst of him. Slowly and steadily I have come to appreciate his way of thinking, his very very rough exterior holds a very gentle persona. He is kind, generous, honest, straight as an arrow and completely non-judgemental. I have yet to meet someone so chilled out. Everything  for him, is destined, everything happens, the attitude while to a lot of people  is too fatalistic; it does not make him lazy, instead makes him a delightfully generous in his outlook. Going to see him would mean long conversations about life, drinks n food, n just lazing by one beach or the other, mostly alone.You know like you camp in with family, they do their own thing, you yours and when do you meet for dinner or something, it’s great fun.

The fourth invite came from my school time girl friend. We were like chalk and cheese, in every which way. She was pretty, I was not, she was the hip girl from school, I was the wallpaper…but we were great friends. A couple of years in college we lost touch but when we connected, it was as if there was no distance ever. We talked connected, avoided certain topics. Now visiting her would be like one big party. We would talk of old times, cook, hang around, go to different places, party and party some more and then talk some more….

So that is 4 friends, 4 continents, 4 experiences, 4 invitations from the heart ; each as special. It is so heartening to hear friends say, dammit come! or I don’t care book your ticket tomorrow, or how many times have I told you to…

I did tell you I would be posting my top 10 things before I die, well these are just 10 of my must dos but maybe not my top 10…and not necessarily in much of an order:

  1. Fulfill my promise to Babaji.
  2. Be a consistently   best- selling writer who is more than a flash in a pan.
  3. Get   into a Bikini and look as I deserve to be in it.
  4. Own a coupé convertible,  Porsche 911  Carrera,  if you must.
  5. Jump off an airplane.
  6. Jump off  a cliff into the sea.
  7. Fall in love forever, the kind movies are made of.
  8. Sit on my hair, well it’s an obsession..it is, there is now less than a foot to go.
  9. Make up with all the people I have lost.
  10. Buy a quaint little cottage with the hills with a rose arch and a white picket fence.

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