A 100 days to a new me : Day 30, seems I have slipped back to day 1

Seems like I slipped, and am going nowhere. My diet went for a six a few days back and never came back, the only thing that did come back was my weight.If you ever saw someone on a  yo-yo trip, I am on one.

Walks, sunshine, water all seem to have met the fate of the diet, I feel the pre-blog me returning and it is time to panic.The only thing I am doing is spending long hours in front of the computer screen, writing one way or the other.The interview based assignment was a nightmare, I finished one article but just am not inspired enough to do the second. I shall before the weekends, I can that way focus on what I call pure writing!

Same is the way with the edit.It is much more fun than the interview writing, but still hinders with the fun writing.Well both have a deadline of 31st March.There is more work in the offing but am in two minds currently.

Now lets go on to my love life, whew seem to have gone through a lot of men in 30 days.
There is MM, who has turned into a dear friend and puts a smile on my face.
There was the con-man, who entertained me so.
There was the IIM graduate with ‘whine’ complex, all it took was one I can’t take whining comment, to see him whine away Oh! the word is wither away…
and of course there is Mr. $$ eyes from the prestigious bay area.
It’s not going too well is it? Well my search for eternal love is on and I am not the b@#$%, I make myself out to be on this blog.

That leaves us with meds, well I have done a better job of it than expected…

And of course, my spiritual life, seems I might get that entry back :), or maybe I have. 🙂 :). All it took was me telling Babaji, that I loved him, just that…

One hears about how the writer writes a story from a distance, and somehow gets entrapped in it; guess it is finally happening.I feel like I am trapped in my own creation, and the glass house I live in is, slowly getting to be home. Am I becoming a character in my story? Everything around me looms large… and I feel the Liliputian in Gulliver land whose only weapons seem to be a pen and a notepad; even those don’t seem to be becoming willful characters in their own right!

Oh!.. and I as was headed out of this world with my only escape sleep, MM called, it was a fun call…a real ‘call from a friend’. He heard me cribbing about him skiing alone in Vermont while I was down with Viral…he said I missed my chance when I dropped out of MBA at UNC 😦 (did I say friend?? )……He is! He is a darling!! MM if you’re reading this, don’t let it go to your head! So we talked about work, potential projects…Well he talked and I croaked (remember my Viral voice?), we talked till he thought I shall choke coughing, and that shall be the end of me. Do not worry! God has gone looking for ear-plugs, to protect him from my chattering, he hasn’t managed yet!! Don’t think he shall manage in the next few years.

And I have decided to add to the blog; my top ten lists, they are not top ten lists necessarily but top ten that I can remember at  that given time; isn’t that what life is all about? Changing top tens…

So today I shall post my top 10 lists to post:

Top 10 things to do before I die

Top 10 places to visit

Top 10 things I would like to tell my friends

Top 10 things I would like to tell my enemies

Top 10 things I would like to say to my mom

Top 10 things I would like to say to my girls

Top 10 regrets (this one could be tough!)

Top 10 dates (could be fun, if I can remember…remember I forget?)

Top 10 things to buy on my fantasy list

Top 10 secrets I would never share…(let’s see how I tackle this one)

These are my promises , but not commitments…not just yet, who knows how.

Btw today’s song is one of my favorite numbers of all times…definitely a Top 10 🙂


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