A 100 days to a new name: Day 27, finally an acknowledgement.


Something wonderful happened to me yesterday, and yes this deserves the timeline jump. The Versatile blogger award, my first ever. Thank you Lita Doolon author of the blog “Any old world uncovered by new writing” your blog leaves me awestruck, so coming from you, it is humbling.

The award comes on the festival of Holi, which talks of joy, celebration and colours. Holi is also about the triumph of good over evil. I believe it is only befitting, since I believe the that this is what my 100 day journey is all about; even though it has its twists and turns.

This comes a reiteration of the fact that I am on the right path, in my quest to become a writer; that I must be doing something right and it is motivation to keep doing the right thing.It propels to keep following my dream. This si for everyone who reads, for everyone who believes and also for everyone who doesn’t ;). Thank you all!

It also is a part of the rebranding process where the writer stamp is slowly turning into a permanent tattoo.

The award requires me to say seven things about me:

Love and God and words make my world go round; in no particular order; infact they are not necessarily separate.

My nieces think I am naughty.

I never get my grammar wrong but do not know my participles or gerunds.

I am forever questioning myself.

The last time I drove, I broke someone’s nose.

I love to talk and can go on for hours.

I am mad about the mountains.

My nominations for the award are:

http://a collection of musings.wordpress.com /: Fun, light reading.

http://joeowensblog.wordpress.com/:  If I need to know anything about writing prompts, challenges, competitions; I give Joe a visit and I love the hundred word installments of his Sophie Marcus series. Enthralling!

http://sesquiotic.wordpress.com/  If I were a word, I would wait for months, to be featured on this blog. Love the word tasting, love the insights into the English language. Everytime I read it, am inspired to write better.

http://singlegalstartingover.wordpress.com/  : A blog every single woman resonates with, candid, well written and from the heart.

http://literalab.com/  It is a book review site about works from Central and Eastern Europe. Love the writing.

http://artfullyaspiring.wordpress.com/  It just never gets boring, every post is fun to read.

http://caseyoliviamarie.wordpress.com/ : It has variety, an inspiring sense of righteousness and  a unique world view.

http://misfortuneofknowing.wordpress.com/: An excellent collection of informed opinions

http://lifeoutofthebox.com/ :A wonderful initiative

http://writemybrainsout.wordpress.com Practical advice for writers, albeit in a by the way casual manner. Love her resources section.

Day 27 happened two days ago, the deal with this blog is truth. The truth is that I do not remember what happened. I remember this whole happiness hangover, just sitting around at home chatting and sitting with my childhood friends mother after over 20 years. None of us felt the gap, never can…it is one of those things that cannot change and thank God for that.That aside the day was much of a whimper. The backlog of work is paralyzing my ability to write.I am breaking all rules. I am sitting in front of the computer; body aching unable to write, unable to think and unable to sleep.

I am once again unsure about my not nice posts about Mr.Nice, kind of a guilt trip.The lack of votes did not help :(. Please please please vote, it’s as anonymous as electing the PM.

April shall be an easier month, as writing shall lessen, a little, at least commissioned writing.Currently am falling in the classic deadline trap.Lita did warn me that awards were time consuming.So let me catch on that fast disappearing entity called time as I stretch my limits.


4 thoughts on “A 100 days to a new name: Day 27, finally an acknowledgement.

  1. Congratulations! You write a terrific blog. Enjoy your well deserved award. Here’s to success for you. Bravo!

    I am so excited to check out the sites of the blogs you nominate. It’s a joy to discover new bloggers.

    Three hearty cheers for you!


  2. Congratulations on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award and thank you for nominating my blog. It’s wonderful to learn about new-to-me blogs this way. I look forward to exploring your blog more! Thanks again!


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