A 100 days to a new me: Day 25, blessed!

Today is a big day, we have some very loving souls coming to our house to stay the night. It feels like a celebration. The morning is full of hustle and bustle. Crisp towels, freshly laundered sheets, soaps just out of covers, all that anybody can remember is laid out …there is just happiness all around.

Our old maid is home with her now, almost 2 and a half month old daughter.The girls are mad with excitement and I am  humbled by their wonder. They do not care about the color of the child, just the love that it brings. Flora, as they have named her, it seems, is going to be a permanent, welcome, addition to my room.That also means the two other visitors shall now be even more regular :).

I have been given my favorite task, a visit to the wholesale flower market. I am late, the flowers are not so many, and the choice is, by comparison, limited. I pick up a mix of seasonal flowers, gerbera and the most exotic looking roses with the palest of yellow petals, outlined with pale pink. They make one revel at God’s sense of aesthetics.

By the time, I reach back home; it is time to go receive them from half-away across the city.

Before I take you on the wonderful journey; I have almost made up my mind to say no to the person. It seems he carries baggage, but is willing to share none. All I heard was ‘you’ or ’I’ ..not one ‘we’. This is what I was told,” So you will leave your country, come to mine, stay with me in my house and not work?” No Sir, I can support myself, without begging you for money! The next question, ” How much can I writer make? Most of them are almost starving, I believe I would be happy if you are JK Rowling, but I don’t understand how this business works.” He said it seemingly non-offensively but he did say it. The second time he seemed more reconciled. I did tell him, it was only now I had found my calling and was not willing to give it up or be under the pressure of how much money I would make. He was softer and did say that good people were rarer to find than money… I was just sure of one thing; if I did marry him; I would not be able to down even a bite of ‘his’ food without feeling I was a Salvation Army beneficiary. No I would not eat or wear anything, I had not bought myself. I am a big fan of financial independence but I am an equally big fan of togetherness, of a seamless relationship. I have kind of said okay after his milder call; but I am racked by these questions… I almost send a regret email but it is in my drafts still…

Today is not a day for decisions; today is a day for garnering happiness.

As I reach a few kilometers away, to receive our guests; I am amazed to these simple people, who talk of nothing but the lord.I call up mom as we are reaching and we welcome grace and happiness in our house with flower petals. High tea is laid.

All we can experience is love and happiness at the advent of these lovely guests who come with good wishes.We talk of loving your Guru, about prayers and giving your daswand. Daswand is the Sikh mandate of giving ten percent of your earnings in charity; it also encompasses giving ten percent of your time in the Lord’s name. Another important  lesson that  comes through is about loving your parents.

There is talk of the idea of following one guide, whoever it may be;  whichever religion you are, follow it with integrity.However garner love in whatever form God touches you in.Dinner is fun and sleeping is one big adventure…something like a camp. There is ample space for everyone in a house, I guess it is all about love; not ours but theirs.

I sit down to post my blog as the night descends but my guests for the night keep talking of love; of happiness. I am glad they all came… I feel blessed!


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