A 100 days to new me : Day 20, a full day and a drop out of my bucket (list)



If yesterday was a leveler, rather where I learnt an important lesson in life; today had a totally different flavor. A friend had promised to make one of my 100 days fun, it was collection time.
So at 5.30 am!! he came and picked me up for a ‘ride’ 75kms one way.I wasn’t feeling too well, was reluctant but I have experienced in the past, whenever I have pushed myself, I’ve ended up having a good time. I had to do this, for the experience of riding in a formation and simply to remind me I was alive still, it is a almost zero deal for most, but for me it was about pushing those narrow walls I had shut myself in…it was symbolic. So a few of us set out, for this place on the GT highway for a breakfast of paranthas (guilty! I did not stuff myself on these stuffed eclipses of joy, if that’s any consolation). The weather was perfect, the dim lights and fog gave way to a deliciously sunny morning. The mix of people was very different from my ‘world’ but these were again all passionate people, very talented and most importantly warm and welcoming.

 It was good being one of the boys :). Whenever the boys around me forget that I am a girl and handle me as a friend, I take that as a huge compliment, it is a sign that you’re accepted. I do draw the line at profanity  After breakfast the boys went on a photography and vanity trip all at once! So I ended up being the (wo) man Friday, the ‘fill in photographer’, stylist and creative director and of course got the obligatory picture clicked. It was a riot and to think of it I was the least vain of the lot ;).

Back home, my room had been turned into a Math war zone where my niece was studying, so I went and dropped on the living room sofa. Thanks to less than three hours of sleep the previous night, I was in God knows whose land as I fell into a deep, exhausted, sleep. I do realize slumber is a more befitting word, but it was sleep…a strange kind where I could almost envision myself sleeping…I was aware of everything and everybody around me…including mom ensuring I had not done a bare-foot inspection of the floor before climbing on to her precious, (just a )week old sofa. No Mom..let me sleep.

Fifty minutes later, I woke up to the fact that I had to reach for my writers meet…I was the organizer, and we were having an industry insider talk about getting published. So I changed, while the morning look had been about looking ‘tough’; the call here was looking casually intellectual…(I feel tempted to investing in a pair of designer reading glasses, even though I don’t need them).

The discussion turned into one about how building brand “You” was as important as writing itself, unless it was for the dairy below your pillow! And no I did not steer it. We talked about writing together, we talked about promoting our work, finding publishers… The group was an extremely interesting mix…a publishing industry insider, an e-marketing pro who read only religious texts, a software programmer on his first job, an espresso drinking, cigarette in hand.. published writer… brilliant guy who can’t remember passwords… an online security world stalwart…writing sci-fi and, another young sci-fi writer from the education industry and a silly, whimsical woman (no points for guessing who). We drank milk shakes, (I stole my neighbour’s and exchanged it with mine…his looked better)…and seems we may be on to something. Including a collaborative book…I am very keen on this experiment with the writer, seems our writing could have synergy. ..shall fill you in as and when.

Dinner was straight out of a five star (I KNOW Michelin has maximum three) hotel’s asian speciality restaurant…we had aromatically spiced Salmon and prawns stir fried with yellow and red bell peppers, flavored with lime leaves…the way only my sis-in-law makes it!  Thanks J for a spectacular meal!

As I vibered with my friend who I had met after 20 years…let’s just call her KK…I popped off! Lights literally out!

So while it was an awesome day…I did take out a minuscule drop out of my bucket list and took some very healthy steps workwise… the health aspect is getting neglected. I can’t seem to balance it out..This ‘easy’ approach, it seems, is not working…I need a time chart and a what to do in case you falter, crisis manual. So here is to new goals …which I shall redefine maybe on Thursday. Till then as writing of one kind or the other, takes up all my hours, my book it seems is full…literally!




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