A 100 days to a new me: Day 19, I am humbled, yet again

It was my second day in trying to earn an honest living.The company for which I had an interview with had yet another two companies lined up. It was a trip to Gurgaon and beyond today, and the call time was 8.30!!…to a person in whose sun rises sometime before noon…if a day would be an era, this is prehistoric!

Well the discipline incurred during my (film)production days, kicked in…I am never late for a shoot or a project.Lay it down as a rule..hah! …I can’t follow rules.

Anyway the drive was almost jam-free (traffic free would be too aspirationally Utopian).

We went to two manufacturing units, humble looking buildings, humbler people…doing a phenomenal job; touching hundreds of lives across the nation.These were ancillary industries and these were self effacing people who suddenly became animated when they starting talking about inanimate machines…The transition  from Keats’ Grecian Urn to the world of which had only coarse iron ones, wasn’t easy for me. However when these simple ‘factory workers’ started talking about their muse, they were no less poetic… the passion that made each one of  them a Keats in his own right. These scooter or even cycle riding men’s love for the of creating these amazing parts out of core metal, their commitment to precision ensures that you and I ride our  BMWs hassle free or ride those Harley’s with pride.I learnt what microns were, I learnt what minutes were (one degree has 60 minutes), more than that I learnt what pride in your job was, what love and dedication was, irrespective of the returns.

These were men who literally ate the salt of of their labors; salt that flowed with their sweat on the shop floors.Sweat that keeps you and me safe, because that small little chip falls within the 10 micron margin of error that is allowed.I am truly humbled. I also learnt an  lesson about how ever little cog, every little spoke in a wheel has its special place.It is a life lesson, about thanking those ‘ancillary’ people in your lives, about ensuring that all your cogs are in place, progress or change cannot happen in isolation.Also about ensuring that the change is comprehensive.It is a huge lesson in life and rebranding.

I have to also mention Ankur, the the Marcom manager, who was a part of the entire process, rather the heart of it.It was inspiring to see a person so passionate about his company, and what it does; about each customer he went to it. He was more excited about those small little metal components; than he was when we passed “Toys for Boys” (a showroom of top of the line, luxury pre-owned cars; the showroom is like Sultan of Brunei’s personal garage!).No man I know has ever driven past it without craning his neck and holding his breath!Not one!He taught me again a lesson about owning your work, loving your work,living your work…

Five pm and it was time for metro back home, so while Ankur flew back to Bangalore, I negotiated with the auto-drivers to drop me to the nearest metro station.I got several offers of ‘help’; but no thanks…I exited the metro station, dodged a group of canvassers for a leading political party and was home.

I did work some, assimilated my learnings, watched 20 years of dedication beat fancier glamour on India’s Got Talent and sat down to finish today’s blog. It is 4 hours to when I need to wake up, but then I had to post this blog…it’s all about commitment isn’t it. Till tomorrow where I am off for an adventure of a different kind at 5am!


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