A 100 days to a new me: Days 2 and 3, the lull after the storm

Day 2

My blog is lagging by 2 days, so to bring things up to pace, I have decided to club two days, two more and it shall be live…

Romantic love and war are two things detrimental to human progress. I did not say that, GB Shaw did and the man knew what he was taking about!

Well it’s not love but I certainly feel euphoric. I wake up at a leisurely pace, check my phone …nothing there; nonetheless, sit with a smile on my face doing just nothing.

I do pray; eat boiled egg and fruit for breakfast with a glass of fresh juice. Sit and do some editing, lunch is two bowls of french beans in between. My personal discovery is carom-seed water does wonders to curb hunger urges as well is excellent for the stomach.By the time I get to lunch, my mind is back to where it was, firmly on the ground. I sit and do some editing and decide to catch the sun, while it’s still sunny.

 It is not to be, our maid of 6 years is coming home with her 40 day old baby girl. We have lived through it all, her infertility treatment, her pregnancy, her check-ups, thinking up baby names, praying for her …her fears, her hopes everything. Flora or Sia or Aashna (the first 2 names were given by my 2 nieces and the third, her official name, by me) is coming ,hence it is an occasion, Aashna is a delight, and her mom almost in tears at coming ‘home’, albeit for a few hours.

We take turns holding Aashna, who is wearing, a bright yellow baby suit. We talk to Priyanka for hours, who leaves teary eyed and leaves us teary eyed. So while I miss out on sunshine, I feel the yellow-clad bundle of joy, more than made up for it.

The walk can still be achieved, and as I start I get an email from the date that was …he wants to read day 1 of the blog. I try calling back to explain about the lag, followed by a message …no response! I finish my walk and stoicism comes to my rescue. I am not too concerned, because Iife has taught me not to have expectations in the first place …I have a lot to do, struggle with blogspot, work on the edit …drink water ( it’s killing me!).

It is upon me to teach my niece languages, never knew it was so hard to teach what comes naturally to you. I try and teach her what I know …the process of discovery, the freedom that expression can be, when to restrain and when to let go …Grammar can follow. I am reminded of Wordsworth’ s theory, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”When that happens it’s naturally in metre …so express girl, express from the heart!

Dinner is proteins again, I take the chicken out of the curry. When you are hungry, everything is delicious .

I finish my remaining prayers and go off to sleep …with a promise to fare  better tomorrow….


Day 3

I wake up, laze around, (no I am not much of a morning person, though I love mornings).Today I am determined to get some writing out of the way, after a breakfast of 2 egg whites and cocktail sausages. Just in case you have not noticed, I have almost eliminated carbs, legumes and dairy products from my diet. Am worried a little about my Calcium and Potassium levels (I hate bananas), so guess I shall have to take supplements.

I am feeling lighter, kind of de-toxed, can I sustain it? Well I have made a promise to me and to you.

I write a little, I have to post the Day 1 blog, I did write it yesterday but the mandates post took up the day, hence… anyway I did not quite complete it and I set out to do it. What do I say, what do I don’t? It’s so personal  …have I said too much, does it even make sense? Well I cross my fingers and post it…

It is 12ish and I need to go pick my niece from school. She comes trotting in her new shoes, smiling and telling whoever is willing to listen, that her mom bought them for her. It is a joy ! Toddlers in all colours, are up to some antic or the other, as the indulgent mothers just smile in resignation …it’s mayhem … it’s bliss!

Lunch is spinach, I eat 2 bowls and add a piece of paneer to my bowl, it is delicious. I start to read something and then decide to head to out in to a (not too) sunny afternoon. I finish my walk and as I head back, I get a message from my date. A volley of some very interesting messages follows and it seems we are on for …what to you is Day 5!

I am calm this time round; it is yet 2 days away. I get home and spend time with the kids. Edit my post yet again …chat with a friend. Have a “within-rule” dinner, finish my prayers and sleep.

So this is it for now, thank you for embarking on this journey with me …and keep your fingers crossed for me please …:)



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