A 100 days to a new me: the manifesto

Now that I have to live up to my what my big mouth has promised (have kicked myself a few times already), here is the pre-prep that I have done:
–          Consulted a psychiatrist
–          Made peace with God
–          Picked up the writing and editing assignments

The psychiatrist is my doctor, therapist and life-coach all rolled into one. A long time ago I learnt, only someone who is paid for it is going to listen to you vent. My psychiatrist is someone who listens, remembers and actually gives good advice. He is the best sounding board I know; I go to him once in three months, vent and promptly forget all about everything. This time round I am going to actually listen.

So he and I have come to a consensus …It was a long negotiation as both of us are tough nuts to crack. Well, technically I am the nut and he the nut -cracker … (not quite but makes for a good analogy).

Not to digress, he almost arm-twisted me into promising to take my medicines and swear on my new-born blog that I shall, for once, actually force them down my esophagus. It seems for people who suffer from elongated blues, a combination of medicines, therapy and life style changes is the only key to an adieu rather than an au revoir to misery.

The ‘killer feature’ or the deal clincher was a side effect –they would help me lose weight ;-). Sounds good huh? DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME!

I need to pray daily: As a Sikh, my mandates include five morning prayers, one in the evening and one at night. The aim is all 7 everyday; however a minimum of three is acceptable. It provides me all the positive energy that I require during the day, a sense of well-being and protection. How do I know? I have seen magic happen. I have seen myself grow softer, calmer, and stronger in the past and highly recommend the inclusion of a few minutes of thankfulness in your routine. Whyever did I give up? Well I am a fool and let’s not go there!

Drink water every one hour: It’s called hydro-therapy and does wonders for the  skin, hair, depression, weight loss … If you get bored, add cinnamon, basil leaves, herbs, carom seeds. If you are cold…warm it.(Avoid it during the last three hours of your day, at least till it’s winter yet.)

Do relaxation exercises, thrice a week, 25 minutes duration each:  A therapist is going to teach me those, and till (rather if) I get to that, pranayam works, as do the prayers. The help cut down anxiety, teach me to sit still and improve concentration. Does wonders for skin, well being, weight, (mention the  ‘W’ word and get me to agree to just about anything!)

Get my daily dose of sunshine: Read a book, write, think, walk, smile…do it in sunshine …rather, given the weather…sunlight! It uplifts the soul, re-aligns you to the birdsongs, centers you, harmonizes  … magique, magique, magique! Knock-Knock : When was the last time you got your Vitamin D tested….yes the one we get free from sunshine?

Walk daily for a minimum of forty five minutes:  Well the couch is weary of me, and my legs feel a little out of practice. On top of that, they have to carry my weight…remember the first post? So as a favor to them, and me in the process …I walk the walk …literally!

Write daily:  I am on paper a writer – wow an unintentional pun! So I need to sit and contribute at least an hour daily to contributing to my book, lest the door gets too rusty for the muse to open.

Edit my friend’s book, minimum a chapter a day: I have taken the job; I had better deliver and deliver well!

Sleep in time: Given my standards, that would be still past midnight! Shall try and push it forward.

Blog daily: A bit for your sakes 😉 but mostly for mine …


Starches and fats: Need I say more?

Cut down on social networking time:  (as if I am left with time any which way!)

No phone or net for the last two hours of my day: the radiation, it seems,  interferes with sleep.

Not much socializing: I need to be ‘in harmony’ before I let other people enter this new (or is it yet to be ) found equilibrium. So I shall continue to love you all but from a distance.

… and SIGH SIGH absolutely no dating!:  Well since I am still only half the magic that I am …why shortchange  my date …or so the doc says!

Ok so that’s that, now I have to start living the deal. Thanks for reading and keep watching this space as I head into my Day 1, fingers crossed.


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